Bulk Gift Cards: Customer Intake Form

All Bulk Gift Cards account requests take up to two business days for review. If approved for an account, you will receive an email with your account details and information regarding purchasing gift cards through the Bulk Gift Cards program. For information concerning Albertsons Companies Privacy Policy, click here Albertsons Companies Privacy Policy.

If you would like to purchase a small amount of gift cards and do not want to set up a Bulk Gift Cards account, please visit Albertsons.thegiftcardshop.com.

All form fields are required unless otherwise specified.

Are you purchasing gift cards for an organization or yourself?

  • Select "Individual" if the intent of your gift card purchase is for personal use, such as gift giving, and you are using personal funds. Please complete the form with your name, address, and personal information.
  • Select "Business" if the gift cards you are intending to purchase will be distributed (as a gift, reward, donation, etc.) on behalf of an organization such as a corporation, small business, or non-profit. Please use the organization’s name, address, and tax identifiable information along with your contact information