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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding your Albertsons Bulk Gift Card Account, please read below or call Customer Care.

General Information & Getting Started

What are the benefits of a Bulk Gift Card Account?
  • Individuals: A Bulk Gift Card account provides the ability to purchase over $750 in gift cards within one online transaction.
  • Businesses: A Bulk Gift Card account provides the ability to purchase over $750 in gift cards within one transaction, the ability to pay with WIRE transfer or ACH, Check, GL Account, or Credit Card, and the ability to add authorized users to the account with their own login credentials.
Who can apply for an Albertsons Bulk Gift Card Account?
  • Individuals: with a valid government-issued ID and valid Social Security number can apply for an Individual Account. You will need to complete an application with basic information about yourself (e.g. name, DOB, Social Security number, contact information, etc.) and agree to our Gift Card Terms & Conditions.
  • Businesses: with a valid Taxpayer Identification Number or Employer Identification Number can apply for a Bulk Gift Card Account. You will need to complete an application with basic information about your business (e.g. business license number, tax ID number, contact information, etc.) and agree to our Gift Card Terms & Conditions.
How do I apply for a Bulk Gift Card Account?
Why does the account require a vetting process?

The U.S. Bank Secrecy Act, designed to prevent the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, requires Albertsons to verify the identities of customers purchasing large amounts of prepaid access products (i.e., gift cards). Your information will be vetted by a specialist to determine eligibility.

What happens after my application is submitted?

Once your application is submitted, a Corporate Sales Specialist will review your information and reply within three business days. We reserve the right to accept or reject applications at our sole discretion.

Will my credit be impacted by the Bulk Application Process?

No, we do not inquire data from nor report data to credit bureaus.

Account Information

How do I reset/change my password?
  • Change your password in My Account, under My Account.
  • If you have forgotten your password, click the "Forgot My Password", enter your email address and an email will be sent with a link to reset your password.
How do I find my purchasing limit?

Your gift card purchasing limit can be found under Company Profile.

How do I update my information (address, phone number, ID expiration date, etc.)
  • Individuals: update your information in Account Information, under My Account. As part of Albertsons ongoing efforts to prevent financial services-related fraud and money laundering, changes will not be made until the information submitted is verified.
  • Businesses: Please send an email to with the requested changes on company letterhead. Once the information is verified, a specialist will make the requested changes to the account.

Payment Information

What Payment methods are accepted?
  • Individual Bulk Gift Card account holders may pay with
    • Check
    • ACH/Wire
    • Credit Card
    • GL Account
  • Corporate Bulk Gift Card accounts may pay online with the following options below:
    • Check
    • ACH/Wire
    • Credit Card
    • GL Account
If I pay for an order with a wire transfer, Check or ACH and my order is cancelled, how will the funds be returned?

The received payment can be applied to future orders or a check can be issued to the account holder. Please contact a specialist at for further assistance.

Order Information

Minimum Quantity Required:

There are no minimum quantity restrictions

Where is my order?

All our gift card orders are shipped via trackable service. You will find the tracking information in the Items Ordered section of the Order Details screen.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Once payment is received and confirmed, it can take up to 48 hours for the order to be fulfilled. You will receive a confirmation email once the order has been fulfilled. Transit times are as follows:

  • Standard FedEx Ground: 3-5 days after fulfillment
  • FedEx Overnight: 1 day after fulfillment

What are the shipping charges?
  • FedEx Ground: Free
  • FedEx Overnight: $40.00
Where does Albertsons ship to?

Albertsons is excited to offer shipping to all locations in the United States and Puerto Rico. We cannot ship to P.O. Boxes or APO/FPO addresses.

Do I need to activate the plastic Gift Cards I received from my online order?
  • All plastic cards ordered through the bulk portal will need to be activated through the portal - see question below for details.
How do I activate the plastic Gift Cards I received?
  • Log into account
  • Click on My Orders
  • Click Filters
  • Search for your Order Number and select the radio button next to that Order in the search results
  • Click the Action dropdown
  • Select Activate
  • The plastic gift cards will be activated within 8 hours
How can I check my gift card balance?

Contact Us

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